Keeping the Tradition

In keeping with the tradition of Gastown and its historical past, The Old Spaghetti Factory Gastown is filled with stained glass, antique light fixtures, and vintage artifacts imported from around the world. OSF is known for its amazing atmosphere, and dining with us is a truly unique experience

A delicious dining experience

The concept was built around a simple premise, which is still maintained to this day. By offering an all inclusive menu (bread, starter soup/salad, coffee/tea and ice cream) with all entrees, using sauces and dressings prepared in house, the Old Spaghetti Factory strives to provide their guests with a delicious dining experience using fresh quality ingredients, all at a reasonable price. Since advent, the menu has constantly evolved to follow the tastes and dietary requirements of modern food.

This includes vegetarian/vegan offerings and an entire separate menu dedicated to those with gluten intolerances. The Old Spaghetti Factory takes great pride in their menu offerings but continues to adapt recipes and ingredients to ensure they are keeping pace in the ever changing food service industry.